Foli Networks


Wireless technology has long since become the norm for enterprise networks, underpinning the promise of reliable and stable connectivity and the much-needed flexibility. Constantly evolving, wireless innovators usher newer solutions – Office campuses – Hotels / Resorts into the arena, every now and then, to help enterprises improve business process performance, in a cost-effective fashion. Foli Network offers a broad range of wireless solutions for Point to point, Point to multipoint, Hotspots to ISPs, Enterprise, SMEs.

It  provides Wireless Hotspot Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Applications in Offices, Cafés & Restaurants, Hotels & Hostels, Gyms & Recreational Venues,  Airports & Stations, Shops & Retail ,  Schools & Training Centers.

Foli Network wireless product portfolio includes a broad array of INDOOR and OUTDOOR ACCESS POINT, CONTROLLERS, WIRELESS RADIO etc.

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