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We are here to help. Please choose how you want to contact us

We are here to help. Please choose how you want to contact us

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At Foli network, our main focus is in providing a quality and customized internet solution to ISPs to meet customer's evolving needs and gain a competitive edge in both local and global market. We strive to deliver innovative solutions and services to ISPs by our experts and also promising to provide quality after-sale services by our dedicated teams. Foli network also provides a wide range of products to ISPs like SFPs, Media Converter, Manageable switches, High end Routers, BRAS,GPON.


Fiber to the x (FTTx) is a collective term for various optical fiber delivery topologies that are categorized according to where the fiber terminates i.e. FTTN (Node/Neighborhood) , FTTC(Cabinet), FTTB (Building), FTTH(Home). Foli network offers FTTx Solutions such as optical cable fixing, fiber preservation during winding, holding & positioning, grounding protection, connector protection, fiber distribution, fiber combination and connector deployment that provides less provisioning, reduced maintenance ,low operating costs and can boost economic development. FTTx solutions can reduce an operator’s power consumption and capital costs for back-up power by as much as 95 percent. Foli network offers a wide range of tools and equipment required for the implementation and installation such as Fusion Splice Machines, installation and cleaning tools , test equipment and a range of pushable fiber cable and duct products(OTDR, Power Meter Light Source).


Wireless technology has long since become the norm for enterprise networks, underpinning the promise of reliable and stable connectivity and the much-needed flexibility. Constantly evolving, wireless innovators usher newer solutions - Office campuses - Hotels / Resorts into the arena, every now and then, to help enterprises improve business process performance, in a cost-effective fashion. Foli Network offers a broad range of wireless solutions for Point to point, Point to multipoint, Hotspots to ISPs, Enterprise, SMEs. Foli Network wireless product portfolio includes a broad array of indoor and outdoor access point, controllers, wireless radio The wireless solution is ideal for - Hospitals - Airports