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Foli network is a top notch enterprise solution and services provider rendering all sorts of Network Services, Enterprise Networking Solutions and Network Management. Working with the industry leaders in technology, we deliver strategic and quality services to Enterprises, ISP’s , MSO’s in the field of Internet & Cable TV, Digital Communication Solutions & Services, IT Solutions & Services, FTTH Triple Play Solutions, IOT & Security Solutions. The experience, flexibility and responsiveness of our organization, and our focus on understanding your business, enables us to design, build and deliver truly integrated IT services, so that you can maximize the efficiencies and cost savings that convergence brings to business for today and tomorrow.

Integrity, commitment to quality, customer support, and individual respect are our core values. These are ideals deserving of a great company, and we believe we should use them as a compass in all of our decisions. Our core values serve as a framework for not only directing but also assessing our activities, planning, and long-term vision.

To concentrate on developing solutions that satisfy customers. To provide services that will allow our customers to explore new possibilities and work more efficiently and creatively.

Ambition: To promote growth and creativity, work with the utmost enthusiasm and energy. Think out of the box to meet the needs of the organization and its valued customers.

Professionalism: Show your abilities and knowledge with dignity and understanding. Integrate established approaches with new concepts to maintain a solid base from which to establi

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